Fine ArtsThe Shiloh Music and Fine Arts Ministry’s purpose is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through song; edify and encourage believers; and minister to the unsaved. The Music and Fine Arts Ministry takes the lead in providing an avenue for worshippers to share their gifts and be an integral part of worship. By ministering with songs of praise and worship, encouragement, testimony, and liturgical dance we are then able to embody these 5 elements of M.U.S.I.C. to glorify God:

M – Motivating the worshippers to worship God.
U – Unifying all who render worship to God in the service.
S – Shifting the atmosphere through our worship.
I – Illuminating the preached Word of God.
C – Conveying the message of the sermon through song.


Hospitality GreetersIt is our endeavor to pray without ceasing.


Mens MinistryDevelop and coordinate monthly meeting. Mentor and disciple men of the church, helping them to grow spiritually. Plan and coordinate men’s conferences, prayer & breakfast, service projects, and trips. Administer the work of men’s ministries by encouraging teamwork and mutual support and by providing leadership for all. Pray regularly for the men of the church and God’s direction. Work with appropriate committees, officers, and leaders to carry out the ministry of the church.


Messiah Ministry for OutreachAt Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, we have a biblically based organized “Outreach Ministry” through which we routinely go, as a church led by our Pastor and evangelism teams, into surrounding communities to carry the word of God. Our goal is to carry the Gospel Message outside of the walls of our local church building to the unsaved and the unchurched so that they may understand and respond. We also provide training and teaching for all interested and available members of our church to become better equipped to obey Jesus’ last mandate to all Christian (GO YE THEREFORE ………. Matthew 28:19)

The Messiah Ministry is the arm of our Outreach Ministry that uses giving of food and clothes as a means to the end of reaching people with the Gospel Message.


Pastor's AidThe Pastor Aide is a ministry to support and assist our spiritual leader being the under-shepherd of the church that labors in the Gospel to feed the sheep with sound doctrine according to 2 Timothy 2:15, with finance, gifts and words of encouragement along with our prayers. Our Pastor endeavors to promote spiritual growth in a comfortable environment for his members, therefore, this ministry is committed to be a blessing to the man of God.


The ministry goes to God and intercedes on behalf of others and dedicate one hour a day to praying the needs and requests of the lost, the sick, our church and church leaders, our country and the military, our community, and the various ministries of our church. Also, Bible Study for those who unable to attend Wednesday night. Our goal is not to simply be a church with a prayer ministry but a praying church.


usher boardProvide leadership for all. Develop and coordinate monthly meetings. Mentor and disciple ushers of the church, helping them to grow spiritually. Work with appropriate committees, officers, and leaders to carry out the ministry of the church. Pray regularly for ushers of the church and God’s direction. Maintain floor coverage for all functions at the church and outings as called upon by the Pastor.


Womens MinistryThe Women Mission Ministry strives to serve all people with the focus on reaching our Sisters and setting the example to other’s as shown in Titus 2: 3-5. Through the word of God, sound doctrine is taught during mission meetings that are held the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month. In our goal to “Each One, Reach One; Each One Bring One, we encourage each other to come, participate and bring another Sister to our Mission Meetings where we study, learn and apply God’s word to our daily lives. Our main goal is to have all the Sisters within the church active members in the Women Mission Ministry and going in the community reaching and bringing other Sister’s to Christ.


Youth and Young Adult MinistryThe SMBC Youth & Young Adult ministry is committed to discipleship by partnering parents, guardians and young adults. We are commission to impact the lives of the unchurched and untouched of today well as the personal and spiritual growth of the youth and young adults. We seek to provide experiences that significantly impact the development through biblical teaching/preaching, fellowship, evangelism, outreach and various activities. Sacred Praise dance, L.I.F.E. Mime, Young Disciples Step team, C.A.Y.A. Worship (Come as you are), Youth Choir, Little Angels Choir, Young Adult Praise team.